Geek Chic

Gone are the days of beige and boxy desktop computers, clunky black cell phones and ugly black laptop bags. Now the hottest tech gear styles mirror those that prevail in home and clothing design.

“Technology is an extension of personal style. It’s gone from geek to chic” said Mary Alice Stephenson, a contributing editor to Harper’s Bazaar who advises Intel on what’s hot on the catwalk and its relevance to tech product design. “There’s a kind of show-off factor now.”Apple Computer’s iPod music player has brought back the simplicity of white.Ofcourse, Apple has always been synonymous with tech chic and pure great looks in addition to what I suppose are good products…I’ve always stuck to PCs and somewhat more affordable stuff. But now a lot of companies are focussing on just that: affordable,chic gadgets. Prices keep spiralling downwards … Apple recently unveiled their new affordable “home computer”, which is essentially just a little box to which you attach a monitor, keyboard, mouse, the works, but do away with the boxy cabinet.

Shapiro of the Consumer Electronics Association said the trend toward fashionable tech coincides with the rise of women as buyers of technology. Could be. But what does that mean, men don’t appreciate good design ??? ( Nooo way. Curves are always welcome ! )But companies have to be wary of fads. Translucency has faded and been replaced by “midnight gray” or black, says Kevin Musgrave, director of industrial design at Dell. Blue LEDs, which cost only 12 cents each, deliver “more bling per square inch,” Musgrave says.All hail the fashionable geek !!!


2 thoughts on “Geek Chic

  1. Geeks to chic… Matrix the movie is an exemplary example..

    As for the female customers..i think its a misconception.. Famour artists are men..they fluant their masculinity appreciate the bestality of ferraris and slickness of design..

  2. It is? I mean, its a cool sci-fi movie, but I’m a sci-fi guy,(3 rhymes!), so i really couldn’t tell.

    Ferraris are bestial?

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