Goodbye Terri!

I think most of us are already familiar with the story of Terri Schiavo.Or as of now the late Theresa Marie Schiavo. For those who are not, then in a nutshell the whole controversy is about a woman named Terri, who is in what the experts call a “permanent vegetative state”. Her husband says she wouldn’t have wanted to live like this. Her parents disagree. Very, very, vehemently.

Enough for them to file appeal after lawsuit after appeal after media campaign. And get everybody who’s anybody involved in their struggle:Vatican officials, U.S. President George W. Bush, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, many Republicans, and several Democrats in the Florida Legislature and U.S. Congress have sided with Mrs. Schiavo’s parents. Other groups and individuals, including the American Civil Liberties Union as well as many Democratic and several Republican legislators, have expressed support for the position of Michael Schiavo.However, in spite of their enormous publicity campaign, they’ve failed. Judges at the I’m going to be very,very callous for a minute,in two ways, because I think someone needs to be. The Democrats – the one’s who AREN’T “pro-life”, whatever that means – are pretty much hands-off the issue because they don’t think they can afford to be seen as such. But I guess that’s the advantage of not standing for election…I can write what I want.

First, the “acceptable callousness”: I don’t see what “culture of life” argument can convince a thinking populace to vote to keep alive something that just isn’t what it seems to be. Terry Schiavo is now just a “shadow of the past”,and we should have the sense to recognize when something is alive and when it is merely a shell.

Second, the bitterer pill to swallow: WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS? I mean I agree, this is a human life here, and there can never be a price tag put on life, but very seriously, I think this is a little too much. Especially considering the fact that, for the stupendous amount of money that was spent on this case, so many lives – full, able lives, of young children, 20,000 or so of whom die everyday of such easily solvable problems of poverty, disease and hunger, if given the required money – and I think it’s just ridiculous that we’re raking up this much of a controversy over such an easily judged question…there is no culture of life that cannot distinguish a human life from an inanimate shell, or the immeasurable vitality of the human mind from an insensate brain.And, following my new and strict policy of writing shorter posts, over and out.You’ll find more than enough information on the case on the web : that, as I mentioned, is the problem. Ciao.


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