I want BONO!

The job of the President of the World Bank has been up for grabs for a while, and we’ve had some interesting nominees….from Bono to Bill Gates.But from what turned out, maybe Bono would have been a better option….Bush just picked Paul Wolfowitz-yes, our brave warrior himself- for the new World Bank PRESIDENT!

Now, it is the unrestricted privilige of the Prez to pick the prez, but – needless to say,for anyone who knows Wolfowitz’s history – there has been a great outburst of criticism at this choice.We have everyone from legions of bloggers to a senior German parliamentarian to protest against this decision.But is this just blatant “anti-Bushism”…or is there any valid reason for all this fuss?This is a feed from Yahoo!News :

The selection threatened to set off a bitter fight on the World Bank board, which must sign off on Washington’s choice, at a time when Bush has said improving trans-Atlantic relations and America’s image in the Arab world will be top priorities. Bush sought to head off a backlash over the selection by calling French President Jacques Chirac, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and other leaders to make the case that Wolfowitz would make a “strong” leader of the international agency. Wolfowitz, seen as a driving neoconservative voice behind Bush’s controversial strategy of pre-emptive military action and spreading democracy in the Muslim world, pledged to serve the bank’s multinational membership and to build consensus. “I understand that in this job I’ll be an international civil servant reporting to a multinational board, responsible for hearing all their views,” he told reporters. The bank provides billions of dollars in loans in the developing world. Wolfowitz could prove a hard sell for Bush, with some foreign leaders raising the possibility there could be other candidates.

Let’s consider this:First,Wolfowitz himself.The man was the Deputy Secretary of Defense and a known hawk in the Bush administration.He was one of the major “architects” of the Iraq War. For more details, this is the link to his biography at the Department of Defense:Wolfowitz the DefenderThen, the post. The President of the World Bank, obviously, deals with economics, and requires, most importantly, some sort of skills to grasp the macro as well as micro economic situation in a country as well as considerable diplomatic skills…It was my opinion that even if Wolfowitz could take care of the former, the latter was beyond his reach, but so far he’s been polite enough… he’s said that in the first few months he’ll have to do a lot of “listening” before making major policy decisions, among other positive statements.Maybe with reason : sources report that he’s been dying for the job, especially under the instigation of his girlfriend, Shaha Ali Riza, a senior World Bank official.However, not everyone seems to be taking this as the final scene of a diplomatic tragedy. Senator Joe Biden-DEMOCRATIC Senator Joe Biden, for those who didn’t know- believes that Wolfowitz – “a brilliant guy and a serious person” – is a “solid” choice, who is thought of as “a serious intellectual and an engine of change” in European capitals.Is he right?Not in the last bit at least, as the reports from Europe show. I hope he is…for the economic world’s sake .



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