Runaway Feminists, Runaway World

I believe that the feminist movement was one of the best things to happen to the world. We’ve seen a lot of reform from a lot of corners of the globe happen due to the movement that have undoubtedly bettered the condition of thousands of young women, who would otherwise have been denied the positions that they deserved in their homes, in society and in their workplaces.

HOWEVER……I believe that todays politically correct culture allows for one prejudice and one prejudice only…misandry ; a word that comes from the root words mis and andro meaning hatred and men , something like misogyny applied to men. Ofcourse, I’m not talking about HATRED for men yet, atleast in most circles, but a sort of amused disrespect for men in general. I think that in the forms I’m referring to, misandry would probably not be an appropriate word.

Acts of misogyny are now morally and legally unallowable.However, “misandry” is allowable,excusable, and not seen as a problem, as at best a ridiculous concept that should not be taken seriously…why, even I felt compelled to put it in quotes!!My reason for writing this now is simple…ridiculous,some might say. Even in my little hometown of Kottayam, where I live and have lived all my life, the cultural influences of feminism have hardly been lost, which would certainly have been a good thing, except for the very slightly rising misandric tide that’s creeping through it. Don’t get the wrong idea…we dont have any “Kill ’em all!” agitators here. Today, one of the girls in my class- call her Ms. A, and call her astute, and call her someone who takes an interst in these issues- wore this T-shirt to class which said,” Do you want to talk to the Man in charge…or the Woman who knows what’s going on?” Ofcourse, everybody just laughed(or ignored it), and nobody minded, even me, though I’m making all this ruckus about “nothing” now.This is a blog for comments, and a comment is all this is. Not a call to arms. Just an expression of my thoughts on the issue.



2 thoughts on “Runaway Feminists, Runaway World

  1. Feminism has paved way to a revolution..for the woman and slyly against men.. The protected worshipped and loved, Who..who else the women..imagine using those words for men…

    But milestones crossed are leading nowhere..maybe the milestones need to be marked to the right direction..but again whos in charge..who decides?? Pshyc applications to mobs are meaningless.

    Women flaunt the freedom and respect..but they hate ‘interest’ ..

  2. Er…apart from generally agreeing in milder terms to the last part, I won’t even pretend to get that. Also to “who decides”. A very valid point. Who draws the line?

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