Why Old is…kinda silvery, atleast

“As time progresses, we expect technology to progress as well. It doesn’t always do so. ”

An excellent starter to an interesting story, at K5(kuro5hin.org):
Useful Dead Technologies

Although, I must admit,I get the feeling that maybe there’s alittle too much nostalgia- even to the extent of “Who are they kidding?” For example:

Although the electricity here is very reliable, it does occasionally fail it. I’ve never had my natural gas supply fail it, not one time in 50 years. Er, ok once. But that was my fault; I forgot to pay the bill.
So he wants us to go from electricity to….natural gas? But overall, its an interesting read on something that I’ve also been thinking about. Maybe not the most scientifically precise article that I’ve ever read but fun, for all that.



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