This is one of the things….

the very few things, that I like about living in my town. Its a pretty small place-not in population as a whole, but in the little closed communities in it-and everyone seems to know one another.Normally suffocating, but there are some times when I do appreciate it.

The grandfather of one of my friends just died. I never knew the man, but those who did had nothing but praise, and since I believe that you can tell people by their kids, atleast to some extent, then by extending the principle to this case I can only say that he must have been a very fine man.

Anyway. That’s not what this is about. My friend lives with his grandparents here, both his parents being at his rubber plantation.So when his grandfather reported “breathing troubles”, he was all alone with his grandmother. Another of my friends was supposed to pick him up around that time, and he called to tell him that he couldn’t come. After a further “This is serious,I might not come to school” call, my other friend rushed over with his father. And stayed over, until the situation was all right.

Its a little old-world, but I like it when things like taht happen. I know. This other friend of mine lost his grandmother recently…he just finished the 40 day fast. And his father was out of town when that happened, so it was my parents who arranged all that. I dont know. Its just this very “warm” feeling to have a support net, of friends and relatives, all that. I have a very heavily individualistic philosophy, so this, which may sound simple to most people, is a “thing” to me, something I do have to talk about.

PS: I’m kinda happy coz I got 1st at entrance again, but alo kinda bored, so if this situation continues I’ll be agressively looking for people to irritate…again.

PS2: WONDERWALL????What the hell was that guy thinking?And he didn’t even practise it right!


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