parem vatsa rebestada kui hüva rooga üle jätta..eesti vanasõna

Which means, according to a friend of mine,that “It is better to eat too much than leave good food”,
which is the first rational proverb I’ve heard in a very very long time. Its Estonian. I hope the rest of their proverbs are of the same caliber.

I sucked at Pala…actually I didn’t, the idiots just didn’t mark two of my almost correct answers but it still got me down.And ofcourse today’s test sucked. And I really don’t want to go tomorrow. And “as soon as I grow up I’m leaving here and never coming back”. 🙂 But I sure as hell am not going to go to college in this state if I have a say in it, and I intend to. Not that I don’t like the state. But it’s trapped in this big rut of communist politics and whining losers, and i don’t plan to be in the same boat



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