Once Again…

…the only mail I have is forwards and “forms”.

We went to see King Kong yesterday. Remember what all the reviewers call “the ultimate creature-feature”?This was it.Great directing, scary natives and Naomi Watts was hot .Even my mother-Appa dragged her along,said he wanted “family movie time”- got kind of sad at the end, and almost said she liked it.

It was about 12 when we got back from the second show- I went to lock the gates, and the stars were pretty bright.I spent about five minutes just staring at them, thinking about last time when I was staring up at the stars and just thinking about nothing at all, and how the next day, after I wrote about it to her- I don’t do it very often- she told me how she was also looking at them that night. I took it for this really huge sign at the time, about how we were so “meant for each other” that we looked at the sky at the same time.Pretty stupid, I guess. Everything’s a sign when you’re in love. But then maybe that’s a sign in itself.


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