I was about to write a couple of articles about Dubai first, but now I think I’ll just get to this…

Rank 650, too, which was completely unexpected. I mean, I was betting on about 2000 or so, in which case I would take NTU, but now this opens up a lot of questions. I mean, NTU is definite to be a lot more fun and probably more money on graduation, too, but come on,man, its IIT!! And I’ll definitely get one fo the better courses, although I might not get Computer Science or Electronics, which is hat I wanted. Ofcourse, if its CS you want then it doesnt matter what branch you take because you’ll end up in an IT company anyway, but still…

Some bloody software is clogging up my system!!! Its doing all sorts of popups. I think I’m going to format this thing anyway…I promise a longer post next time!!!

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