I Just Saw "Before Sunset"…

…where by “just” I mean when I thought about writing this down, which was almost 4 hours ago. After that I went to my grandparents’ and tried in vain to download a movie- they have broadband, or what passes for it in this country- and then went to pick up Naveen from tuition, as well as say hi to PV Thomas sir.

Anyway, the movie is DAMN good…both intelligent as well as quite simplistically, conventionally entertaining. And it’s by Richard Linklater, the guy who made(=wrote+directed, not produced) Waking Life, which I think I’ve already written about. I might be very slightly biased because Mathew already implied it was good, although he didn’t actually say it, but it was still really nice. THAT is how I want our relationship to be. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy just really HAVE something there.

OK, maybe its not taht fantastic but it seemed sweet. I liked it. So there.

Quotes(not connected to each other):
Celine: Memory’s a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past.
Jesse: I’m designed to feel slightly dissatisfied!
Jesse: Maybe what I’m saying is, is the world might be evolving the way a person evolves. Right? Like, I mean, me for example. Am I getting worse? Am I improving? I don’t know. When I was younger, I was healthier, but I was, uh, whacked with insecurity, you know? Now I’m older and my problems are deeper, but I’m more equipped to handle them.


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