Origin and Religion

I saw “The Man From Earth” yesterday, and I was shocked,stunned and (after about 5 minutes of John’s big revelation, about the middle of the movie) unnaturally happy. I won’t say any more here, both because I’m lazy and because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it struck me as an equally plausible version of events. On a similiar theme, I found THIS linked in a post on talk.origins( also interesting, but don’t bother unless you have a LOT of free time) and I thought, hmm, why not? Do check out the link: It’s a book review at the Washington Post, on “The Book of Dave”. Extract below:

There’s still plenty of rage embodied here in Dave Rudman, a balding, hemorrhoidal London taxi driver who is undergoing a nasty divorce during the first cacophonous years of our current millennium. Dave’s wife, Michelle, holds all the cards in the custody battle over their son, Carl. Nothing — not the “Fathers First” support group Dave attends, not his love for the city or his proud command of “the Knowledge,” the rote memorization of its streets and landmarks that all licensed London cabbies must learn — can assuage the bitterness of his fatherhood denied. Though he will later come to regret it, Dave compiles his grievances against Michelle during a drug-fueled psychotic breakdown. He types up an assortment of rants, delusional prejudices and a recitation of the Knowledge into a long tirade, a “book of Dave,” which he buries in the backyard of his ex-wife’s Hampstead house. Alternating with these chapters is a narrative that unfolds hundreds of years later, after a great flood has turned London and its environs into an archipelago. The most vital relic from the antediluvian world is the “Book of Dave,” exhumed long ago from its Hampstead hiding place and worshiped as a bible by a new civilization, with Dave as its god. On its farthermost island, called Ham, residents live a primitive agrarian life, governed by a tyrannical theocracy and organized around their deity’s now-sacred preoccupations: 21st-century cabbie lore and child-custody laws. They speak a Cockney-like dialect in which “Hello” becomes “Ware2, guv,” evil is “chellish” (after Michelle), priests are “Drivers” and souls are “fares.”

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