Dirty Little Kids!!!

A satirical piece on the absurdity of the growing number of young children being accused of sexually unacceptable behaviour i.e. harassment. Also, a generally good blog for libertarians. But even if you don’t give a shit about the only sensible political/ethical ideology in the world today, the post is just really really funny :).

Nobody’s Business: Newborn Brought Up on Sex Assault Charges

“He cried in protest as soon as we got him out,” Shales explained the ordeal. “He just seemed really determined not to leave Mindy’s genitals in peace.” Shales said she was obligated to notify the police by the hospital’s zero-tolerance sexual-harassment policies.

The two CPD officers called to the scene were at first apprehensive about the allegations, and about detaining possibly the youngest sex offender in New Mexico history. Sgt. Chris Hernandez thought Shales might be “making a mountain out of a mole hill,” he said, until he witnessed what he called “inappropriate touching.” “What changed it for me is we come in there and this kid, just without any shame, puts his lips to the mother’s — you know, to her chest. We asked him to cease and desist and he wouldn’t, so my partner Jake [officer Jacob Lukason] read him his Miranda rights and we took him in. He didn’t put up much resistance, thankfully, or things could have turned out pretty bad for him.”


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