Creationism on Uncyclopaedia

Really cool page, although again, what I really wanted to put up was the cartoon ๐Ÿ˜› .

Creationism – Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Although on the surface Creationism may promote itself as an alternative explanation of origins, challenging the established fact of Evolutionism, the underlying myth of Creationism, in fact, lies not in the need to oppose the entire modern world, as such, but in the fact that Evolutionary Religion is the cause of all modern evils, including abortion, kitten huffing, contraception, fascism, communism, homosexuality, beastiality, masturbation, fetishism, oral sex, anal sex, aural sex, sex, bad gas, global warming, global whining, taxes, nasal sex, sexual fantasies, penis enlargement, rape, disease, politics, explosions, death, pestilence, children, science, Wikipedia, famine, The Fratellis, lawsuits, civil rights, niggers, pot, public education, America, welfare, enviro-nazis, child welfare, tariffs, ethics reform, medicare, medicaid, dissenters, immigrants, social security, war, Watergate, Uncyclopedia, taxes, metrosexuality, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, Carrot Top, floods, terrorism, and tooth decay. In other words, the ultimate proof that Creationism is true lies not in the cumbersome and irrelevant need to follow the methods of scientific inquiry, but the plainly observable fact that the Theory of Evolution, by fervently and humbly believing that humans come from lowly apes (instead of holy dust and dirt) and are thus not some deity’s prized creation, which therefore makes everything atheistic and insiduously relativistic, is the direct cause of the modern day prevalence of all that stuff listed above. All of which are not nice and scientifically condemned by God. Which makes mythical creationism, which nobly speaks against these evils, of necessity a true and worthy science.

The REALLY surprising thing is, it actually has a lot of info about the, you know, basic arguments that creationists make, with greatest attention paid to the more ridiculous ones. Mocked to death, ofcourse, so hardly the place you’d go for an objective account, but it’s there. Check it out.

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4 thoughts on “Creationism on Uncyclopaedia

  1. I would like you to know that evolution is not an established fact.. It has numerous problems and many top evolutionists have said that evolution does not explain everything and the only reason they believe in it is because they cannot comprehend the possibility of creation by a supreme being..

  2. Like I said, will respond in person. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, if the messengers are the ones you have a problem with (like PZ Myers or Richard Dawkins, fairly militant atheists) then I could recommend some “gentler” books.

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