Superman vs Sub-Zero!!!

This just in, from Technorati:

Midway Gamer’s Day: Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe First Characters Announced

Yes, everything you’ve already heard is absolutely true. The next Mortal Kombat game is going to feature characters from DC comics including Batman and Superman. The only other two characters announced were Scorpion and Sub Zero but it was enough to whip the gathered crowd at Midway’s Gamer’s Day in Vegas into a frenzy of hoots and hollers. Later in the evening however, an ugly story started to circulate. According to several sources, Ed Boon stated that the game would have no fatalities. No fatalities? Seriously? Fatalities are what the franchise is best known for but apparently DC will not have their beloved characters torn limb from limb in fountains of blood. Can’t say I blame them, but I’m curious to see how such a move will affect sales of the game. Will Mortal Kombat fans be willing to accept the trade off? Superman vs Fatalities: who is going to win out?

Although personally, as someone who loves the game but has only managed to put one single fatality in all my years(I think it was something wrong with the cracked version(s) that I normally played…I can’t be THAT bad!!!) I throw in my chips for Superman. It would be interesting to see how they fit it in,though. Will he still be able to fly? Have the eye rays? Because that is obviously a pretty big advantage over our more conventional combatants. Old Bats makes a lot more sense: he might be your worst nightmare, but even with that impressive little belt and toned muscles he will only just stand firm against men who turn into dragons. Not that anyone has confirmed that Liu Kang is in, but come on! He has to be!

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