Good News Bad News

The Good News: I finally did an exam decently. Netsys was supposed to be another C, but I’m fairly confident of a B and even,almost,sort of hopeful of an A. Not very likely considering quiz 2-not that I know what I got yet, he released the papers at 6.30 PM the day before the exam!- but I know I didn’t do well. On the other hand, I have 40+ for quiz 1. So can’t say.

The Bad News: I got a shave and haircut. My hair is too short, the idiot cut my chin and place-where-my-mustache-used-to-be, and my face looks fat and I have horribly visible pimples that were earlier  hidden by all the facial hair.

…Is it a measure of my vanity that I’m feeling a little depressed?


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