The Good Life

Is when you spend a day spent doing nothing but watching sitcoms, downloading comics from the LAN- SUCCESSFULLY: I got all of WATCHMEN!!! And Maus! And V for Vendetta! And the complete Transmetropolitan! Thank you, dam!-,reading “Lord of Light”,  watching the Animatrix, going out and having “studmax” food for FREE in a “studmax” restaurant-the (some weird name) chicken kebab with buttered rice and a whole bunch of other stuff because we ordered too much and nobody else could finish 😛 😛 in Copper Chimney (just below Zara and right opposite Stella Maris in Gopalpuram,Chennai… check it out,people!)- for our EML treat, followed by coming back and playing poker with my friends (and not sucking ) while listening to the Pixies rock “Where is My Mind” on repeat while nobody -for once- criticizes your musical tastes and drinking cheap whisky that is miraculously good and getting surprisingly happy-but-not-pissed-high and generally laughing your ass off for ridiculously inept jokes.

Followed by watching “Enchanted”, unless I fall asleep. Not that its a big deal, either way, seeing how completely free of any responsibilities I am 😀

PS: The Pixies are GOOD!!! Listen!


3 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. Hear hear!! And to appreciate Pixie rock or whatever, you need to be drunk and by drunk I mean DRUNK…trust me, I know 🙂 .
    Man, I hope I don’t fall asleep before I

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