My first blog post…

…using Windows Live Writer, this surprisingly good(-looking, so far: will test how it handles very soon), in which I will throw out a random assortment of facts, because since I’m doing this offline I don’t have access to the usual stimulants( other blogs and sites:don’t have access to alcohol,either, but I decided to stop that anyway, because while it’s interesting to note after the fact exactly what your thought processes were, leaving the evidence up for inspection by others is probably not a great idea) and if I wanted to create a coherent post about something of general interest I’ll have to pull things( meaning, facts and memories and experiences and interesting little anecdotes of my own, not appropriated from other people’s blogs) from my brain and rely on my discretion to organize them, something I’m usually good at but right now not really in the mood to try;and I’ll start with the fact that this sentence( yes, it is a sentence, there are no full stops) that is also a paragraph which I’ve tried to deliberately make as long as possible(thereby “sacrificing semantic coherence for syntactic innovation”, something I accused an old, close-but-now-estranged(no, not due to any bad feelings between us or misconduct on either of our parts, so its not who you might be thinking of if you know me: we simply had no occasion to talk for a while and grew far apart, to the point where it now simply feels awkward to initiate conversation, especially as the chances of me ever seeing her in future are very, very remote) of doing, partly because it felt that way at the time but mostly, I think now with the benefit of hindsight, just because I wanted to impress her with my fancy words after she quite unintentionally intimidated me with her brilliant, elegantly simple poetry-did anybody notice the parentheses within parentheses that I’m really proud of?) is exactly THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE words long.

Ok, so I have to say, I’m really very proud of that :P. What’s the world record? Anybody know?

Random facts,random facts…well, I just discovered that what I had mistakenly assumed to be the result of a sudden growth spurt in my wisdom tooth was, in fact, a tiny bit of a peanut. Also, this thing doesn’t seem to have an (easily accessible, at least) Word Counter. I suppose that’s not an essential feature for a blog writing software, but it’s Microsoft, since when do they care if we WANT something before giving it to us?

Instead of boring facts, I’ll give you some random experiments in Photoshop and ImageReady:


Miraculous image of the technicolour Flying Spaghetti Monster that appeared blessing their combat in a Morpheus-vs-Neo-in-the-training-room woodcut(or something). πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D. I plan to work on this, by the way. Will put up a better version later, just created this in 15 minutes now. Note: this is not the conventional picture of the FSM, but that’s ok because these miraculous visitations are always a little different from the ideal. It’s all in the noodly appendages. Which, like I said, are not nearly as noodly as they should be. He looks more like an FSM-Cthuhulu cross. My apologies to any Pastafarian readers.

mepainted Me on canvas. Sadly enough, the abstracted version looks better than the real thing. Unless you think this looks bad. Does it?

I promise a new fiction post up very soon, possibly erotic; going on a little trip from next tuesday, so no blogging from then till 9 days afterwards, but on the other hand if I actually win something in Macau I guarantee there’ll be a post right afterwards, and I’ll make all my friends read it,too: did you know that it overtook Vegas in gambling revenues last year? It’s a family trip with 4 out of 9 (that’s 2 families, not just my own πŸ™‚ ) members below the age of 18, so I don’t know how much actual gambling there will be, but if they have like an extremely low stakes poker table or something I’m sitting in. I can play poker on facebook now! Back on campus the bloody firewall somehow blocks out the Texas Hold’em app so that it doesn’t load. I’m sure I can get around it somewhow: as soon as I get back, will install Tor and Vidalia, or HTTP Proxy, or just try facebook through youhide or something.

I can’t seem to find a way of ending this with a bang, so this is it. Really. Adios.


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