I saw Ironman

And while I still can’t believe that Robert Downey Jr. can look so GOOD as a superhero, it was pretty awesome.Honestly, don’t start attacking my “manhood” again, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

He’s never been one of my favourite heroes,though. A little too conservative/militaristic. I know that might be what they call “small-minded”, but at least in the comics he’s pretty much always come off like that. But then, I have problems with a lot of superheroes. Batman’s moral absolutism. (Ironically enough,) everybody else’s wimpiness. Not that I don’t like them, I merely have issues with them as valid or desirable templates for a moral code. Oh, that reminds me: I finished reading Watchmen, and it was one of the best, most twisted, morally ambiguous graphic novels I’ve ever read. Actually, it was the only deliberately morally ambiguous graphic novel I’d read that didn’t seem obvious. Read it. If you’re from the insti, ask me when I get back in August for the ebooks.

Although I might not have it if I have to format my computer or something. My brother screwed up somehow, I can’t even log into windows, and as far as linux is concerned, since I installed hardy(after formatting gutsy, update didn’t work and my other install was bugged anyway) I can’t do anything on it except basic surfing. I’m downloading codecs and stuff so that I can at least watch movies and listen to music. Did you know that even mp3s aren’t supported by default? Crap!


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