Firefox 3 killed my bookmarks!

That’s it, really. But I’m sufficiently outraged that I want to scream it out on a post all of its own. I mean, why BOOKMARKS? I can understand extensions with compatibility issues and what not, and I know the 3rd has smart bookmarks which might require reorganization, but why the hell would it DELETE most of them? Most being the key word, it’s not some stupid backward compatibility thing because my Google Reader and youhide proxy are still there. So are all the saved passwords etc.

Damn it, I was going to start with the social bookmarking thing soon (I use StumbleUpon, but only for random onetime stuff. Which by the way was the name of a whole folder of bookmarks that have now completely disappeared [:-(] .)Anybody have similar experiences or suggestions for a decent social bookmarking tool?


I got them back! Apparently this happens because:

From MozillaZine Knowledge Base

If you previously tried a Firefox 3 pre-release version such as Firefox 3 Beta, went back to Firefox 2, and have now upgraded to Firefox 3, any bookmarks you added since you went back to Firefox 2 will be missing if you used the same profile for both versions. This happens because Firefox 3 uses the places.sqlite file to store bookmarks while Firefox 2 uses bookmarks.html. Firefox 3 will only convert the bookmarks.html file to the new “Places” storage system the first time you use it. [1]

and can be fixed, among other ways, by:

Manual deletion method:

  1. Open the Firefox profile folder and delete the “places.sqlite” file and the localstore.rdf file.
  2. Open the bookmarkbackups subfolder and remove all the .json files to another location.
  3. Restart Firefox. Firefox 3 will then automatically import the bookmarks from “bookmarks.html” in the profile folder.

By the way, this will involve losing everything you’ve bookmarked since, so move fast.Courtesy of Mozillazine .

5 thoughts on “Firefox 3 killed my bookmarks!

  1. You can try or I use delicious. It has a firefox extension, so I dint lose any bookmarks 😛 It’s very handy when you don’t stick to one computer to browse, ur bookmarks will be there wherever u go.

  2. Thanks, I’ve heard about the advantages. Just didn’t think I’d really need it because I usually only use mine for “recreational” surfing. I was just upset that this happened at all. Shouldn’t it be fully compatible? It copied everything else, even the yubnub settings which I don’t really need as much with the new address bar.

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