Movie Update

Ghost Rider is the crappiest movie adaptation of a comic book ever made. I had a tiny inkling of that before watching it, but it far surpassed anything I could have imagined. Even Eva Mendez doesn’t help. Not that I’m a big fan of hers anyway, but babes are usually a quick fix for getting bad movies from “unwatchable” to “if you have a thing for crap”, and they couldn’t even pull that off here. I’m not linking to the movie because I don’t think anybody should have to go through the trauma of reading the plot, even accidentally.

On the other hand, I really liked 21 and “Across the Universe“, both starring the young British star Jim Sturgess, who is officially my new favourite actor. 21 is the story of 6 students in MIT who go to Vegas and make big bucks counting cards at the Blackjack tables. Well, almost. I’d say more, but you may as well see the movie, it had a blockbuster release and I believe it’s still in theatres.

Across the Universe was far less widely distributed, but in my opinion it is a superior film. It’s one of the very few musicals in which I looked forward to the songs, all of which are originally by the Beatles. The movie is set in the 60s and deals with a young man from Liverpool who crosses the Atlantic to find his father (he’s illegitimate) and ends up in the middle of the most exciting changes of the past half century: the counterculture movement. The movie deals with the anti war protests, hippies, rock and roll, love and loss, and the draft; it even describes historical events like the Columbia University protests and the bombing. Also, Jim’s co-star in Across the Universe is the ethereally beautiful Evan Rachel Wood, who I thought did a much better job than the more famous Kate Bosworth in 21 and who I would have fallen for were my heart not already pledged to the divine Olivia Wilde.

On the plus side, new high: 1541 views, yesterday!!!

On the more significant minus side, I’ve been informed that the project I’m (supposed to be) doing is almost certainly far too complex for me to handle, especially considering that all the stuff I need to learn to do it are what they’re going to teach me NEXT year.  Also, my mother had made me promise to go back home after the 15th (which I want to do, anyway) so I only have till the 11th or so to get anything done.

PS: Yes, far worse than Daredevil. I LIKED Daredevil. And not just because of Jennifer Garner, either.

PPS: Can somebody please,please,please send me any episodes of House after s04e09? I know I’m addicted, but that doesn’t help the fact that I really want my fix. I’ll pay for any expenses incurred. Well, if you email me/comment first and I agree that it’s not unreasonable, atleast.

PPPS: Pretty please?


8 thoughts on “Movie Update

  1. If I weren’t in another continent, I could have passed on the episodes of House. I suggest you not read anything about the finale before you actually watch it. 🙂

    Daredevil. I hope to god it’s the vastly superior director’s cut that you liked because the theatrical version sucked as…um…big time..

  2. Thanks anyway…friend of a friend in Chennai has 10 through 12, so a temporary cure should arrive soon :).

    And I’m not sure which version I watched, but it was on HBO and I doubt they do Director’s Cuts there…in any case, I didn’t say it was good from any critical or artistic point of view, I just said I liked it. Mostly for the song by Evanescence that got stuck in my head, and for generally being happy at the time of watching it. But nothing in that sounded as plain forced as some of the dialogues in Ghost Rider.

    And ooh, undetected comment spam…rare with Akismet.

  3. Are you kidding? 13 rocks!!! And he is a whole lot happier than before, and even a little bit nicer, which is definitely good news for someone like me, whose major problem with the show was uneasiness at identifying with a chronically depressed misanthrope 🙂 …the whole show got downright depressing when the whole cop story arc was taking place in season 3.

    Oh and btw, would especially recommend Across the Universe to you if you haven’t seen it yet, but I guess you probably have.

  4. OUUUCHH… and I KNOW its gonna be worse if I can’t do the marathon thing, and I have time in between episodes to,er, reflect on how House’s failures(I assume he does something wrong?) mirror my continuing, agonizing incompetence at work. Or something. I’ll figure out the reasons later, I just know it’ll be bad. 😦

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