Ok, it was a fine for not buying a ticket on the MRTS (in Chennai), but it was my first real all-by-myself run-in with the law(except for a an almost case of the exact same thing earlier) so I’m allowed to feel both freaked out and excited. Although at this point it’s more “crap, 250 bucks!!!!”.

In my defense, I was hungry and I didn’t think anyone would be checking for tickets at 6 in the morning and there was a line even at that time and the train came JUST when I entered the station and i didn’t know when the next one might be because I knew they’re not very frequent at that hour and I was hungry.

In other news, went to see The Incredible Hulk and stayed over at friend’s place, which is how I came to be on a train at 6 in the morning in the first place. Despite being a big fan of Edward Norton, I have to say I preferred the first movie. Perhaps this is just disappointment over the fact that we were denied the cameo by Robert Downey Jr as Ironman that we were eagerly awaiting since the start of the movie, but the overall storyline seemed less…substantial. I mean, nothing had really changed between the start and the end of the movie, and as my friend said, we’d already seen all the monster sized fun on the trailer. I guess it would have been different if they’d shown a hint of the formation of the Avengers: a new beginning, and all that. But they didn’t, and I’m not writing about it. So there.

PS: And thirsty.


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