Sort of like Indexed

But from Pharyngula. And nastier, I think. Unless you’re a leftie and you got offended by the trade union one.

Also, sorry for not posting anything more substantial. Again. Will,soon.


8 thoughts on “Sort of like Indexed

  1. 🙂 very true. But like most, this one’s funny enough to merit the attention. And I never said I think its an accurate portrayal of whatever has been mentioned. For one thing, I’m pretty sure you can’t categorize Republicans as having zero overlap with Religion. 😛

  2. Lol. Yea I’m a Christian and I was still laughing at the picture. I wonder though if it would be possible to draw one showing the link between darwinism and genocide?

  3. Er. Not unless you want to look stupid. See, there has to be some connection for it to be funny, or its just plain propaganda. And darwinism (which is not quite the same thing as the theory of evolution) is a scientific theory that has nothing to do with genocide. Scientific theories don’t advocate moral points of view. HOLY WARS, on the other hand…

    By the way, I’m a Christian,too, just someone with a somewhat different set of interpretations. More sensible ones from my point of view, but then it’s just that: my point of view. Then again, it IS my blog.

  4. I totally agree with your deploration of holy wars. I was probably wrong also to judge a theory by what I perceive as its social outcomes. One of the problems I have with evolution is that it champions the survival of the fittest in nature. How does this tie in with society?

  5. Society, almost by definition, is not meant to emulate nature. It is meant to better it, by providing a framework for mutually beneficial cooperation and some scope for “humanitarian impulses”. Evolutionary Stable Strategies are strategies that each individual should pursue to maximize their value while minimizing losses. Frequently, you will find that in a society of perfectly cooperating individuals(one which uses some form of the “honor system”), one can use strategies that leave you open for exploitation (and are therefore not ESSs) but result in far greater gains. Of course, since we’re not all perfectly cooperating, you still get burnt if you do this too often.
    We use the principles of evolution in social sciences only where we admit that the competitive impulse is greater than the cooperative impulse i.e. the desire to make a quick buck is greater than the desire not to hurt other people, such as in typical stock market behaviour. 🙂

    To truly observe the working of evolution we have to look at a species in a state of nature. No one, by the way, is arguing that you should revert to this state. Pretty much all evolutionary biologists(and I’m not one, so forgive the inexactness of my answer) appreciate the comforts that society enables. They just argue that this is the way our original, ancestral instincts would have us behave. And enough people do follow them, as should be increasingly obvious every time you see the news.

    Does this help? I’m really not an expert, so if you’re curious there is a wealth of good literature that would explain this far better than I can.

  6. And on the whole eugenics issue, which is probably what you meant in the first place, I can only say that

    a) I don’t know the details, but I’m pretty sure it’s been considered bad science for a while now, and not just because of the moral implications; and even if it wasn’t,

    b) Science is a tool. It advocates no positions. It doesn’t call for absolute obedience. It presents information with which to make choices, which you must combine with information from other sources (empathy towards fellow human beings, for instance. Or, as in Hitler’s case, disgust at (an) entire race(s)) to make “human” decisions. Don’t blame physicists for the atom bomb. Blame those who chose to drop it. Or, for that matter, fund it. Maybe not the best example, but you get my point, I’m sure.

  7. Thank you for your response. It does help me understand your postition further. Probably creationists (like myself) have been guilty of over simplifying the evolutionary theory. Oversimplification i suppose was where we started out on this discussion. Your blog post was very humourus but it is an oversimplification to link only stupidity (though there are many stupid people who believe it) but not also intelligence as many scientists at the top of their field believe in Intelligent design.
    Yet I suppose this is ultimately only a side issue (which many creationists blow out of proportion) as it doesn’t affect the basic principles of our christian faith. Tim Keller take an interesting stance on the issue in his book “The Reason for God”. Thank you for your time.

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