Random self-tests

Pretty much what the title says. Just took the first 2 and wanted to record the results, hence the post.


POP: Conformists, overly responsible, role-conscious, struggling with sexuality or peer acceptance.

HEAVY METAL: Higher levels of suicidal ideation, depression, drug use, self-harm, shoplifting, vandalism, unprotected sex.

DANCE: Higher levels of drug use regardless of socio-economic background.

JAZZ/RHYTHM & BLUES: Introverted misfits, loners.

RAP: Higher levels of theft, violence, anger, street gang membership, drug use and misogyny.

Of course, as the alternative/indie rock guy I’m perfectly well adjusted, open minded, curious and just enough of a rebel. 😀 . Atleast, Tyler Cowen thinks so.

2) Using your browser URL history to estimate gender

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 0%
Likelihood of you being MALE is 100%

Site Male-Female Ratio
google.com 0.98
myspace.com 0.74
youtube.com 1
wikipedia.org 1.08
imdb.com 1.06
wordpress.com 0.98
flickr.com 1.15
download.com 1.27
snopes.com 0.74
livejournal.com 0.68
veoh.com 1.06
gizmodo.com 2.08
isohunt.com 1.94
ning.com 1.15
rottentomatoes.com 1.17
hotmail.com 0.83
megaupload.com 1.5
boingboing.net 1.5
esnips.com 1.22
gawker.com 1.17
askjolene.com 2.45
helium.com 0.8
ez-tracks.com 0.89
wallpaperbase.com 1.41
livevideo.com 1.5
photo.net 1.5
realclearpolitics.com 1.82
jibjab.com 0.98
newyorker.com 1.22
rediff.com 1.74
fleshbot.com 2.23
blogcatalog.com 1.13
techguy.org 1.56
blinkyou.com 0.56
orkut.com 1.08
ipl.org 0.89
bigoo.ws 0.69

For the record, FIRST site/quiz that’s ever given me more than 55%. 😀 It’s mostly because of a few very male(or lesbian?) specific sites…don’t look too closely 🙂

3) From Facebook:

a) I’m Outgoing and have my sarcastic moments.

b) I’m Calvin,Percy Weasley, and Nietzsche. I am SOOOO not Laverne Roberts.

c) I have a 78% perfect life and 21 people have crushes on me (where’s the logic in THAT           ONE!!!??)

d) I’m the lovable desi.

e) At this moment, as compared to my friends, I am:

Most likely to succeed
#2 most trustworthy
#3 best friend
#3 most helpful
#3 most enviable
#3 best listener
#3 best public speaker
#4 best scientist
#5 best travel companion
#6 person with the best taste in music

Of course, there’s a million more on Facebook, but they’re unlikely to give any better idea than this. Sadly enough, I rank horrendously low in the Compare People app for the datability/popularity/attractiveness categories.
4) My Personality Type:
Click to view my Personality Profile page


4 thoughts on “Random self-tests

  1. If you don’t mind me saying, this shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. I mean, you have fangirl orgasms for superhero comics. 😀 On a far more comprehensive quiz of this sort by Reader’s Digest that I took about 5 or 6 years ago, I’m only about 40% male. So same boat, really.

    On a side note, does anyone else find it weird that both gizmodo and fleshbot have approximately the same male:female visitor ratio?

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