More Science Fiction News

[Almost] Final pages are up! Well, unless you point out any further problems, that is 🙂 . And don’t tell me there are no topics and no deadline and what adress the entries should be sent to. I KNOW. I’m SORRY. They’ll be up within 2 days, I promise.

Here are the links:

About the splitting into 2 pages thing: besides the fact that we (me and the guy who’s officially supposed to tell me if I’m screwing up, my QMS coordinator) thought it would be clearer this way, the idea was also to make sure that people who might not be coming to Shaastra at all and just browsing through the Online Events would also get to see that there is an online portion to this event. And since I’m not sure this is mentioned in the pages(coz, you know, it’s pretty obvious), you CAN participate for both. You can even send in as many entries for the online event as you want- and that IS mentioned.

Oh, soon-to-be-public secret for all my dear readers: The deadline for entries is September 21st.  Topics, this deadline and other details will be put up August 21st. And we’re taking “open”, topic-less entries,too. So if you wanted a 2 day head start, this is it. Go!

2 thoughts on “More Science Fiction News

  1. Ahem…I did? I thought it was mostly Koze’s suggestions. 🙂 And, of course, common sense. But thanks anyway. 😀

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