Even MORE Science Fiction News!

Well, the topics have finally been “finalized”, and sent for publishing. Should be up within a day now. I’m not sure whether there any issues with me mirroring them on this blog, but I think I should hold off at least until the ever-busy webops coordinators upload them on the main site. But I can tell you two things that just about everyone has been asking me about:

  1. You are supposed to mail your entries to onlinesciencefiction@shaastra.org. The details on how I would (really REALLY) like your subject lines to be formatted are given (will be given) on the main site: nothing too complicated, just “Online SF Writing Category: [Conventional or Short Sketch or Fan Fiction] [title of story].
  2. The last date is September 21st. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but when it comes to deadlines, that never seems to matter.

By the way, I also have an account for on the spot sf (sciencefiction@shaastra.org) but if you have any doubts you’re much better off mailing me directly on my normal account. Or commenting, which basically does the same thing. 🙂

For those with additional doubts, here is a small part of an email conversation I had with a very enthusiastic science fiction fan working in Wipro. The vast majority of his doubts/gripes should have been cleared by the new tab on the OSF page, but I thought these deserved a little additional clarification

1) Frankly, I found the FAQs for OSF unrelated to the contest (it is simply ripped from the
on-the-spot contest). I wish to confirm if there really are two contests in Science Fiction, the
on-the-spot one and the online one.
1) There are two contests that you can enter independent of each other (and 2 prizes,too), but according to the Shaastra Events roster it is only one event, and there is only one event coordinator (yours truly). I simply separated the pages for clarity’s sake, because I’d received complaints from others that they couldn’t really tell which rules applied where.
3) And no details about the judges, the evaluation procedure or anything more is given, which I find odd for a webpage coming out of Shaastra ’08 website. You guys can always put a watermark in the background saying ‘Page under Construction’, can’t you?
To be perfectly honest, besides our one “celebrity judge” for the Online Contest, we haven’t really decided on the final judges. I hasten to add that we have a list of people who have agreed to judge: we simply haven’t confirmed with them, since there is after all over a month left. I realize that I didn’t specify the evaluation method, but I believe I have described the type of entries I am looking for in sufficient detail. I had hoped that would be enough information from the point of view of a contestant. As for things like prize money and the like, even I am in the dark. I have yet to receive information from the Events Cores(the people in charge of all the Events) on what I will be allocated.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll probably upload the topics later as well. Participate!


3 thoughts on “Even MORE Science Fiction News!

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  2. Er…just checked, it doesn’t seem to be. This is copied directly:

    1.You have just woken up in a white windowless clinical-looking room. There is no one in sight, but you can hear voices inside your head, specifically one that says “Its awake! Its awake! Destroy the creature!!!” Go.

    The “Destroy the creature!!!” bit is also supposed to be inside the quotes, its not a mistake..or does it look like one?
    Also, I don’t know if the webops guy changed it in between without me telling him. Possible, but rather unlikely. 🙂

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