Quizzes, Batman and Fight Club

Just to get it out of the way, quizzes so far were OK. Not too good, not too bad, in the very mathematical sense of getting average scores. Which is of course bad in the “life goal” sense of getting good grades. Is that a triple or quadruple alliteration?

In honour of The Dark Knight (finally) coming to the OAT this wonderful Saturday, and me (FINALLY!!!) seeing it on the big screen, I present to my (very,very) patient readers the following rather verbose posts(a little bit, and not really in a bad way; the blog’s NAME is “Overthinking it”, so I graciously forgive) on the Philosophy of Batman, specifically the Dark Knight, but, as you will see, ranging to a whole lot of unexpected topics. Do read the comments,too, if you’re into it.

  1. The Philosophy of Batman

  2. The Philosophy of Batman: Literary Theory Edition

  3. The Philosophy of Batman: Political Sociology Edition

  4. The Philosophy of Batman: Schopenhauer Edition

  5. And for those who think the Joker isn’t really, REALLY scary, here’s The Joker’s Magic Pencil
  6. From Not a Blogger, about all the more non-academic terrorism symbols, is
    BatBush, Harvey Obama & Osama Bin Joker: The Politics Of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight
  7. Which serves as a fitting response(well, more or less) to something I had linked to earlier, on the now defunct Kuro5hin, which makes more or less the opposite case(this has some obviously over the top bits, such as the allegation that they sought to equate homosexuality and terrorism by having Heath Ledger, who acted in Brokeback Mountain, play the Joker-but it’s still an interesting read): Review: The Dark Knight

I think 7 rather long and scholarly articles should be enough for anyone, so I’ll stop with that. But while we’re on the subject of vigilantism and violence: how many people would join Fight Club if it came without the “let’s focus on it to the exclusion of everything else in life and destroy the present financial order, by blowing up a whole bunch of buildings” bit? I’m talking, a weekly meeting where you, well, fight as much as you want, when you want, no Queensbury Rules and no special “armour”, just a simple “say “stop!” to stop” rule. Please do reply in the comments. If no, also mention whether this is the very reasonable desire for self-preservation or the very idea of beating up arbitrary men that turns you off. Or if it’s something else entirely.

2 thoughts on “Quizzes, Batman and Fight Club

  1. But that was the whole point of Fight Club. There’s no point getting a bunch of people in a room to beat the hell out of each other until you realise that you’re doing so for the purpose of revealing to them the empty emotionless scars that are their lives. The thing about the violence of the fight is the inrush of shared, real, honest emotions that comes with rage and fear and violence. Once you’ve gotten that far, its important to take it to the next level or it just goes the same way real shared emotion goes in our society. The concert used to be such a thing, but now people only go to be cool. So, sure, it may be fun, but its not enough, and after a point, it will just be something you do to be cool. To really make it work, you need to take all that shared rage/hate/realemotion and follow it through to its logical conclusion.

  2. “Once you’ve gotten that far, its important to take it to the next level or it just goes the same way real shared emotion goes in our society”
    Agree with you till here(with some reservations) but don’t quite get this. WHY will it go the “same way…our society”?

    And in any case, I was referring to people whose lives were NOT “empty emotionless scars”. Or is the very idea of such people(assuming you agree they exist 🙂 ) beating each other up just for the heck of it ridiculous? (Because my friends say no)

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