SF Writing Results: Conventional

They’re in! They were in a few days back, actually. These were the entries I shortlisted(in no particular order):

  1. “Ip Op”, by Siddharth Sareen (“Ip Op.doc”)
  2. “Kratos”, by Lakshmi Priya Gopal (“New Document.doc”)
  3. “Big Red Button” by Arun Chaganty (“scifi.doc”)
  4. “Stone of Sisyphus” by Amey Asgaonkar (“stone of sisyphus.pdf”)
  5. “Ralph’s Simulation”, by Mathew Syriac (“Ralph.doc”)
  6. “Youngboy” by Anand Natarajan (“Youngboy.pdf”)
  7. “21 Minutes” by Rahul Jaisheel (“21 minutes.pdf”)

Personally, I thought all of them were quite decent- in stark contrast to the VAST majority of the entries. Yeah, I’ll edit out that part when I put this up on the Shaastra site. πŸ™‚

And the results, as decided by Cory Doctorow:

The winner is “Big Red Button” by Arun Tejasvi Chaganty: Congratulations
on encapsulating so many different contemporary anxieties —
outsourcing and the future of labor, the tension between spirituality
and and technology, education and its discontents — in a short,
Frederic-Brown-esque story that nevertheless manages to have an actual
person in the midst of it.

The runner up is “THE STONE OF SISYPHUS” by Β Amey Asgaonkar: The choice
of Albert Camus as imperial bureaucrat in an alternate French empire is
demented and inspired. Madcap poli-sci humour abounds here. Like all
alternate history, this is a deeply contemporary story — a little
slapstick, but nevertheless great work.

Third prize goes to “Ip Op” by Siddharth Sareen.

First time I sent him the entries he only gave me the first 2, and selected the third after I mentioned that we had three prizes to give away. His last message was the shortest email I’ve ever received, just three 2 letter words: “Ok, Ip Op” πŸ˜€ . Man, he’s efficient!

I’m giving quite a bit more prize money to this than to the other 2 categories(because of the quality of entries, the judge and the number of participants), so I’m thinking the split will be 1500,1000 and 500 bucks for first, second and third. The other category results aren’t in yet, but everything should be ready within a few days.Β  When I have the whole thing I’ll probably put it up on the Shaastra site. Keep watching this space!


5 thoughts on “SF Writing Results: Conventional

  1. No dude…1st and 3rd are from the insti. The middle one is from…I have no idea, actually, have to mail him and ask him for details, now. He also sent in a very decent entry for short sketch, so I thought I’d mail him after seeing if he won something for that, too πŸ™‚

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