SF Writing Results: Fan-fiction

Only one prize this time, and since there were so few entries I did the judging myself.Forgive the “pseud-putting” comments, as most people in the insti would call it. Just trying to go with what everyone else did. 🙂

The fan-fiction prize goes to Aswin Krishna for his short story Overwatch:

The Half-Life universe was a very good choice for this contest, because the “canon”, the original games, has several unexplained parts and scope for filling in, which led to better coherence between the story and what came before it. It follows the pattern of the canon in narrative structure, as well: the entire story is told from a single point of view, the plot is strictly linear, and even at the end, some questions are left teasingly unresolved. The writer demonstrates a great degree of familiarity with the original source, and weaves an entertaining tale without taking any excess liberties with the material.

I honestly didn’t get the ending, but I liked it all the way till there, and the somewhat “sudden” and unexplained ending seems to be in the “spirit” of the games anyway. I haven’t played them, just heard lots and read up on wiki, but this IS meant to be what happens between the 1st and the 2nd,right? The victory of the Combines, I mean. Maybe if I’d read up on it before I’d read your story, I would have been better prepared for the ending. 🙂

Also, the On-the-Spot event is tomorrow and then again on Saturday. Slightly nervous over turnout, and whether people think my topics stink. Wish me luck!!!

3 thoughts on “SF Writing Results: Fan-fiction

  1. well yes i could’ve refined the ending a bit but the combines were supposed to win and freeman shouldn’t die so… 🙂

  2. Oh, I didn’t really MIND it, that’s what I meant by “even at the end, some questions are left teasingly unresolved.” 😀 And thanks!

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