I have been living with a virus (W32. Smiley something) in my computer for a very long time, but recently it has grown a little more…malicious. At some point in the next two weeks I’m going to have to format the entire computer( installing an anti-virus isn’t an option now: yes, I tried). I just thought I’d make a list of what I’d need and ask for possible additions/substitutions.

Software to install:

(And yes, this IS in a rough order of installation)

Operating System- Windows
Should I have a Linux dual-boot? I used it for a while, but once the novelty wore off I by far preferred Windows. No matter how “easy” people say it is to use it, it isn’t nearly as intuitive as Windows. Of course, if I hadn’t bought the software already (it came with my laptop this time, so NOT buying really wasn’t an option) I probably would use it instead of spending some 5000 bucks on the OS itself, but as of now, stick with Windows. And God knows, with a 52 GB HDD, I can use the space.

AntiVirus: I’m thinking AVG or Kaspersky. Or nod32. Still have to decide which. Suggestions?

Network Software:
Browser- Firefox or Google Chrome? I’m honestly not sure. At least for a while, I will try both.
Broswer Addons: I’m assuming I’m using Firefox 3, so I’ll be getting FlashGot,Ubiquity, Download StatusBar, Google Toolbar, StumbleUpon, ScribeFire, maybe FoxyTunes and Greasemonkey(never used,so far). Will not bother with Intel MashMaker, as I just don’t think I have the energy or the need to use it. Most of my suggested mashups are a little too obvious, and not really worth it.
P2P: StrongDC++, obviously. Maybe regular DC++ as well. (I use it for intra-institute file sharing, and this is most convenient)
Chat Client– Google Talk, also obviously. (remember to add pingdotfm client for easy microblogging! pingdotfm@gmail.com)

Office: MS Office 2007. Again, it really is more intuitive.

Media Players: I will need Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer AND VLC Media Player. Yes, I do regularly use all 4, for different things, although I’m fully aware I can make do with only VLC. Well, except for RealPlayer.

Other: Which differes from “Miscellaneous” in actually being necessary.
Reader,PDFs: Foxit Reader along with Adobe (tabbed browsing! about a third as much memory usage!!!)
Reader,Other: MS Reader, for my HUGE( FOUR GB!) .lit collection.
Compression: WinRAR. Prefer it to most others,e ven if it IS shareware. I’m sure I can find a cracked version on the LAN, anyway.
CD Burning: I only know Nero. I’m looking for a “lighter” alternative, though, any suggestions?
Image Editing: Picasa 3. The beta version’s out and seems a distinct improvement. Technically more of an organiser, but good enough for my purposes. Just saw the Lifehacker column, me want.


WordWeb – (supremely useful dictionary/thesaurus. It’s almost a mini encyclopedia, it has EVERYTHING!)
Serious Samurize
– I haven’t actually used this yet, but I can tell it’s going to be useful. It’s an app used for embedding data onto your desktop.
– same here. Although in this case I have tried it once and I “know” it will be useful.
: Turbo C++ and libs, Java SDK(whatever’s latest),same gen stuff for Python. Not that I’ve ever USED Python, but should probably have the kernel, in case I ever feel inspired.
Application Launcher: Launchy. Also never used, but I do think I’d like it. Making do with Google Desktop Search. Which brings us to…
Search: Google Desktop Search, or Windows Desktop Search? Never tried WDS(besides the built in lame one, I mean), but GDS isn’t really impressing me much.
Blogging: Windows Live Writer. Not a priority, though. Hardly ever use it.
Interactive Fiction:
Adrift Runner 4.0, HTMLTADS and Gargoyle. Again, not REALLY a priority.

So, that’s it. Like I said, suggestions?

PS: Anyone got the Asimov reference in the title? Something this time fer shure, if you get it (and I can give it).


15 thoughts on “Mike

  1. dude ubuntu and all is just hype…you will encounter SO many problems while installing. I’d recommend XP if you already have a genuine copy or else vista. it is so many orders of magnitude better than xp. of course, the ideal choice would be Mac but we cant have everything! also, i’d recommend Avira Antivir Personal for anti-virus. AVG is just a memory hog and kaspersky is bloated. Windows Defender is a pretty good anti-spyware but it works only on genuine windows. Stay with firefox for the browser. Try ApexDC++ for p2p. Office 07 is the BEST!Try KMPlayer for media. and also Zune from microsoft for mp3s (also requires genuine windows). VLC new version rocks. Foxit is useless too (acc to me). it doesnt have font smoothing and unlike you all my ebooks are pdfs. my eyes start paining if i use foxit. WinRAR is good. I got a software called Roxio Creator from dell for CD and DVD stuff. its very small and good. its not free though. it came with my comp. TweakXP is amazingly powerful. GDS is just a memory hog again. doesnt do anything except keep indexing stuff. Vista’s built in search is really useful but u need vista for that šŸ™‚

  2. but yes before you do all this, head over to the Avira site. they have a range of virus removal tools. if you can identify the virus and select the proper tool i think it should work. i havent had any virus problems since i started using antivir

  3. @Mathew:
    Hey, I tried! I really do like working on it, but I just can’t seem to get the same..feel. Anyway, reconsidering the dual-boot thing. i.e., will probably not format the existing partition. And not EVERYTHING has a Linux clone.

    Vista’s many orders of magnitude better? REALLY? You’re the first person I’ve heard saying that. And I mean EVER. Including every single tech web site I’ve visited. šŸ™‚
    Will try Avira. I don’t have eye problems with Foxit and I love the tabbed browsing, and the fact that it takes about 1/4th the memory of Adobe. And Vista’s search is exactly replicated if you download Windows Desktop Search, its just that it comes bundled with Vista but not XP- according to the website, at least. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I want to format. Too much clutter, I need a clean start.

    And oh,yeah. Prizes. Well. I’ll find out, but there are… complications. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know. šŸ™‚

  4. Do you like the MS reader? I absolutely hate it… When I get a .lit, I immediately convert it (usually to a pdf).

    Unfortunately, I don’t have more to add, seems like you are more of a software buff than I am.

    [I recently started using the CoComment add-on for FireFox. It keeps track of the comments you leave on various blogs and is really nice. Maybe you want to try it?]

  5. I’m not very big on MS Reader myself, I just didn’t have a decent conversion tool. What do you use?

    And the CoComment addon seems useful. Will try.

  6. dude i wrote a really big blog entry about how exactly vista is better than xp (that id no longer exists and i’m too lazy to write it again). believe me, i was the biggest critic of vista before i got my new laptop. as soon as i got it i was going to wipe the whole hard disk and install xp. but the fact that i’d paid for it made me think a little šŸ™‚ after that i’ve never looked back. i’m an occasional gamer too and game performance is WAY better on vista. and yes i tried WDS on xp but i didnt really check it out. i got the new laptop soon after. and you probably have a desktop with a proper monitor? fonts suck on LCDs. thats why i use adobe.

  7. and as far as i can tell, asimov wrote some book with a guy named michael somebody…i remember because the same guy wrote a book called trigger with clarke

  8. @Ashwin:
    Dude. Come on. I mean, you’re officially disqualified for anything, even a puff at guru, after this, but: it was in one of the short stories we did. Got it now?

    Thanks! Sounds very useful. Adding to my list. šŸ™‚

  9. Oops, different story. Aanyway, in one of his stories, this guy calls his computer (“MyComputer”) Mike. From the first syllable. That’s it. Nothing “cleverer”. In fact, this whole thing seems very stupid now. Forget I said anything. šŸ™‚

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