My Desktop

I’ll let the picture do the talking. I’m using ObjectDock(not really useful, and worth it only for the eye candy), Launchy(which helps me eliminate pretty much all icons from my desktop), this tiny thing called DColor XP that lets me put the small tiled icons instead of regular sized monstrosities,and Samurize, with a mostly custom configuration, particularly the middle bit. It has disk space monitors on both drives, and CPU and RAM usage monitors(shaded is used, purple’s free), as well as a Winamp display: just song,album,artist and elapsed time. The clock I obviously copied from the Samurize site…thank you, guy-who’s-name-I-forgot. Below that is my to-do list; I’m actually keeping one now, as part of my “get your life into shape” plan. Not really working out that well so far: mostly, I think, because these are all very general, non-time limited goals. Well, I’ll fix that soon enough.

I was inspired by this guy, although I couldn’t go as far as he did. Specifically, no Yod’m 3d, Taskbar Shuffle, Start Killer or AutoHotKey. Or even the Google Desktop Sidebar thing, because I don’t have enough RAM to spare to run it and Launchy concurrently. Thanks, dude!

Meanwhile, not a single major game I’ve installed so far(Overlord, Heroes of Might and Magic V, and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War) has worked. I’m thinking it’s a systemic problem. They’re not even loading, it’s just returning a generic “unable to open this file” error. Any advice?

7 thoughts on “My Desktop

  1. that’s a lot of stuff you have on your desktop!i prefer to keep everything simple myself. plus vista has almost all of those functions built in, like launchy and the system monitor and the clock and stuff.

    u seem to be running daemon tools. dont use it..its a form of malware. for iso files use winrar to extract.

    about the games…have u properly installed your graphics card drivers? and also the latest version of directx? its a bit strange that all those games are giving the same error!

    and try playing devil may cry 4 if u r a fan of the hack and slash genre…i just finished the game yesterday and its the BEST!

  2. Actually, since both object dock and launchy disappear when they’re not being used(I made both appear for the screenshot), its actually a fairly pristine desktop. And the song ticker isn’t there when I’m not using winamp, either.

    My antivirus(nod32) detected and removed the spyware thing in daemon tools, so I figure I’m safe. I have Alcohol 120% as well, but it’s too “heavy” for quick use. Still better than taking the pain of extracting, though, if all you want to do is install from it. I have WinRAR, anyway.

    I have Directx 9.0c (all that the games need)- and I thought about the drivers. Also, I’m not REALLY into “hack and slash”, just wanted to try it out since it’s been an insanely long time. But let me try DMC. πŸ™‚

  3. And the top 3 icons, including those covered by ObjectDock, had all just been created. I don’t have those any more. Overall, its MUCH cleaner than my old desktop. The clock is the only other big thing, but that, I like too much to remove πŸ™‚

  4. No, I got the cracked version: free updates for the next 40,000 years πŸ˜€
    And I hadn’t come across the site. Will try it.

  5. Thanks πŸ™‚ Pretty much everything I’ve used is in the post, really. I’m not holding out or anything.

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