Anyone else care that the Sensex is at 10.5 and (more importantly; we’re at the lagging end, remember?) the Dow went below 9K? (8.4 right now-drop of 2K in the last five days). Meanwhile, money markets are still frozen, and Alex Tabarrok at MR reports that people are buying home vaults. Not good.

Paul Krugman:

On a separate note, one good thing is that there haven’t been any reports of people on Wall Street jumping out of windows. That’s because the windows in modern office buildings don’t open.

Arbit commenter on somebody’s blog:

Seriously, though, there is plenty of liquidity available. It’s just that the horses are hydrophobic.


2 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. Ouch. Sad. But being in college right now wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing, at least if you were graduating this year(2009). Companies are more likely to stop hiring than fire existing staff, aren’t they? I’ve got till ’11, so I should be safe(r), I think. Although, convincing my parents about the wisdom of pursuing a job in the financial sector has just become close to impossible. 😦

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