Choosing a Wife

From Dark Roasted Blends.


So most of the demerits are either demerits or irrelevant(3,5,7, nuanced 11) for me as well but I’m really fascinated by the fact that so many of the points on the merits list are either irrelevant(like 2,4,5 and 7) or demerits(like 9 and 11). Not counting the fact that they are obviously sexist and relics of a bygone era because,hell, most people of my parents’ generation would have very similar points. If they had a list, which I’m PRETTY sure they don’t.


4 thoughts on “Choosing a Wife

  1. What I find interesting is that those are things you wouldn’t know unless you were already living with the person. As this thing is from 1939, I don’t think that people would live together unless they were married. So, if this list is not a help to decide whether to marry a person or not, what’s it for?
    I mean, just to check if you are a good couple? That’s easy: Are you happy or not?

    And btw, I’m fucked. I will never make a husband happy, not with so many demerits and so few merits on my side…

  2. True, I didn’t think of that…it says “Marital Rating Chart” anyway, I just assumed it would be to PICK a wife.

    And it’s not really necessary that there’s a husband’s chart, is it? I mean, isn’t that the point of sexism?

    Also, just out of curiosity, what exactly would you score? 😛

  3. Uhm… -9… *blush*

    Though I do think that that’s not the whole chart, so maybe on the second page there would have been all the things I do do…

    Well, no, there can be a husband’s chart and it can still be incredibly sexist. There’s probably only one thing on it: You provide money for the family.

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