Perfect Annie

I just watched the first episode of the new Beverly Hills 90210, and dear God, did no one spot the Mary Sue?

Annie Wilson(Shenae Grimes)

Annie Wilson(Shenae Grimes)

Ok, so I’ve never seen the original series and I have no idea what the characters are like in that. However, speaking as an independent observer, Annie Wilson sports quite a few too-good-to-be-true signs. In increasing order of incredulity:
1) She has a cute name. Ok, it’s a really common name and it’s probably just me that finds it cute, but that’s why it’s first. I really do like it. I once had a tiny 2-week crush on this girl in my school just because her name was Ann. (And because she was decent-looking, and friendly, and wasn’t stupid enough for it to be a problem… which is more complimentary than it sounds.)
2) She’s just the right amount of hot. I know this is pretty much a show about hot girls, which is why I put in the “just-the-right-amount” qualifier. Since I’m a fairly typical, perpetually horny 20 year old guy, this means she’s totally amazingly mindblowingly hot, but not freeze-up-when-you-see-her hot or you’d-do-her-even-if-she-were-supergirl-and-she’d-crush-mini-me(you?)-right-at-the-end hot*.
3) She’s not socially awkward.  By which I mean, she not only gets along with most people, she’s smart enough to pick her friends with care. They do try to correct this in one flashback scene, but it didn’t really work.
4) She’s good at dancing. Still not a big deal, I know. My point is that this fills up the “isn’t just a hot chick” check box.
5) She’s good at studies. I’m not saying hot(again: HOT) girls who’re good at dancing etc. and not socially awkward can’t also be good( a term that implies more than just getting along without being pulled up; I refer to the A for English) at studies, but how often does Hollywood believe it?
6) She’s just the right amount of nice, and you like her for it. She’s not nice-and-frigid, or nice-and-self-righteous, or nice-and-gets-walked-all-over (almost doesn’t count). Just NICE. THIS is a big deal. Pretty much NOBODY on a TV show with all the other attributes is this nice.
7) She (seemingly) has no hang-ups, no mysterious past, no trouble at home, no unresolved issues, nobody who’s given her a wound that never healed. I say seemingly because this is the one thing that no show of this type can live without, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be “handled” very soon. Pretty obvious clue right at the end, except you feel like a girl this perfect can handle even that.
The only thing that doesn’t fit in is that I LIKE her. Hell, if she were real I would probably fall madly in love. This isn’t what you’re supposed to feel about a Mary Sue. Like I said, I’ve only seen the first episode, so I really have no idea what’s ahead.

From what I read online, though, most people don’t seem to like it that much. I wouldn’t call it particularly inspired, but that’s hardly the standard they’re trying for, is it? I may have been prejudiced by my present state of extreme boredom, but it WAS reasonably entertaining. Anyway, I guess I’ll be adding this to the weekly roster, assuming somebody at the insti is kind enough to download.

*Yeah, that’s really a category I use. Just in case. Perhaps obviously, this is the one test of hotness that no one’s ever passed.


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