That Shoe-Throwing Thing

I’ve very rarely* had to say this, but honestly, I felt sorry** for George W Bush when I saw the clip. THIS, however, is just irresistibly funny:

More at boingboing.

*Yes, I have said it before. That G20 meeting thing, where everyone ignored him? That was just SAD…

**Sorry, and a little surprised. Man, does he have reflexes!!!


5 thoughts on “That Shoe-Throwing Thing

  1. YA seriously! his reflex was awesome…almost as if he was expecting it 😀 the secret service probably trained him for this kinda thing. and yes….i must agree…i do feel really sorry for him. what happened was just sad…although the journalist was WAY outta line.

  2. I’ve actually started to feel a little respect for the man. He’s taken a lot of abuse over 8 years but it looks like he’s kept his spirits high.

  3. 🙂 John Scalzi actually predicted that his approval ratings would increase tremendously( i.e. by about 10-15%) by the time he finally left office, if only because people would be so relieved that he can’t do anything to them any more

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