Random Thoughts

Second stab at twilight, brought short by this:

“…I stifled a gasp.His white shirt was sleeveless, and he wore it unbuttoned, so that the smooth white skin
of his throat flowed uninterrupted over the marble contours of his chest, his perfect
musculature no longer merely hinted at behind concealing clothes. He was too perfect, I
realized with a piercing stab of despair. There was no way this godlike creature could be
meant for me.”

I tell a lie. I actually completed it this time. Along with a couple of other books, all today. I’m spending too many days, too much time in this…haze, I can’t think of another word to call it. It’s like being constantly high, of course without the euphoric side effect, so it’s just sad, it’s like the first time I tried pot, where all I could do was sit around waiting for this to END, somehow, before I made a (bigger) fool out of myself.

My keyboard works fine now but I have no idea how long it’ll hold. Ah, what a relief, just to type this fast again. Does that sounds stupid? People talk about the pure, visceral joy of running as fast as you can,running free across grassy plains- why can’t we children of the digital age have our own “physical” pleasures?

I finished Preacher a few days back, and I felt intensely depressed. Not because it was a sad ending, not because it was all too predictable or too flawed, but just because the entire series produced this feeling of being trapped in your destiny that the ending just didn’t seem to resolve clearly enough.

Just bought Xmas gifts for all my broters/cousins, and for myself (which makes sense, because theoretically, these are from my parents, it’s just that they delegated the buying to me). I’m not supposed to show them before it’s all neatly gift-wrapped and placed under the tree, which is something we’ve only done once before, but I suppose there’s no harm telling my picks to a bunch of random strangers. And my brother’ll find some way to figure out what he’s getting anyway. So:

  1. For me(and, if you didn’t know, I’m 20): Blindness, by Jose Saramago. Because I want to read it, but doubt I would if I got it as an ebook,ergo…
  2. For my 18 year old brother, “Made in America”, by Bill Bryson. Partly because I don’t know what his tastes are besides the usual SFF that he reads because it’s in the house, partly because he’s in the US and I figured he could use some historical knowledge, and partly because I love Bill Bryson and wanted to read it. Although from what I’ve seen, not as funny as usual.
  3. For my 15 year old brother, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. Also mostly because I wanted to read it.
  4. For my 14 year old cousin brother: “The Rule of Four”, by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. Absolutely fabulous book. He might be a wee bit young for it, but he’s a smart kid, he’ll deal. πŸ™‚ I would’ve got it for my brother except that we already have a copy in the house(@Mathew: YOUR copy, which I would return if you were somewhere within a 1000 miles of here πŸ™‚ )
  5. For my 13 year old cousin sister: “Twilight”, by Stephanie Meyer. Partly because in spite of my objections it’s really quite a decent book, especially for her particular demographic. And she’s going to read it somewhere anyway: even though the craze hasn’t quite hit India yet, and it’s nice if she thinks her much older brother is “clued in” πŸ™‚
  6. For my (I think) 12 year old cousin sister: “George’s Secret Key to the Universe”, by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. Just read it through. Sweet and informative(although I skipped most of the little lecture bits, because I already knew) and hopefully not too big a deal. I have no way to guess beyond her age, because I’ve never had ANY meaningful conversations with her, let alone about her favourite books.
  7. For my (again, I think) 10 year old cousin sister: a Great Illustrated Classics version of “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, by (but of course, not quite by, because its abrigded and heavily edited) Oscar Wilde. Same disclaimer as above, but I know this one has huge text and lots of pictures that she can look at, at the very least.

I already bought the books and I don’t think I’ll return any of them, but any suggestions/comments?


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. ya except for the really mushy πŸ™‚ parts, twilight is surprisingly good. meyer has a way of writing those casual conversations, you know…you feel like you could be there, reacting the same way. anyway, have you seen the movie yet?

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