Quote of the Week: Prudent Vampires

“In other words, he is exactly the vampire we want right now: sure, he’s strong, he can fly* and his skin sparkles in sunlight, but more important, he’s not going to go and do anything stupid with his 401(k).”

–About Edward Cullen (Twilight), in a Newsweek bit about vampires in pop culture (yes, I subscribe).

Oh, and also: 9 year old girl passes MCP Exam. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

*Can he?

PS: I know the last 3 posts have all had some mention of the book. No, I still don’t like it that much. The answer is simply that all 3 were written a day or 2 after finishing it, even though they were published at different times.


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Prudent Vampires

  1. He can’t right? right? it’s not mentioned anywhere in the book…but the movie trailer shows scenes of him flying. nice quote though πŸ™‚ really necessary right now

  2. Not in Twilight,no. I still haven’t read the others. Got stuck in Bella’s horrible depression phase in “New Moon”.

  3. No, he can’t fly. None of the vampires can. They just can jump really high/far and run really fast. That doesn’t change…
    Just read the books quickly – this too shall pass. πŸ˜‰

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