Creative Writing

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m one of the coordinators for Creative Writing for Saarang, and this is the obligatory “online contest’s started, please send in your entries” post.

Online Creative Writing

There are three categories. Two are up already: Three Phase, and Eliminate a Little Anarchy. Three Phase is where you (possibly as part of a team, because this will ideally take some work)  take one of the rather open-ended topics that we’ve given and make a poem, a short story AND (not or) a (one-act) play from it, ideally using the topic in a different sense each time. Eliminate… is much simpler: you’re given 3 more or less unconnected words, and you need to write EITHER poetry, prose or a play connecting them.

The third category (not yet up, but will be soon) called “Who Has the Last Laugh?” is basically something like a comment thread that you’re judged on. We’ll start it off-provide the post, I guess- and then each contestant can respond to it and each other’s entries(the comments), pretty much like we do all day on other people’s blogs, except that if you come up with something really wonderful, you get a prize for it. With one caveat: “continuability*” is a criterion, so if your post ends up thoroughly stifling all further commentary, that will be counted against you. This is especially true if you accomplish this by relying on something irreducible, like “God wants it that way**”.

Yes, the theme for the names (is it very or only kinda obvious?) is deliberate and now seems slightly lame, but we were all firmly in the grip of Dark Knight fever back then.

*Can anyone think of a better word?

**Yes, I know that’s as likely to increase commentary as to stifle it, but you get what I mean.


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