Quote of the Week: Everybody Love-Hates Twilight

Including Steven Levitt.

Every single one of the comments on that post essentially say that the books were “terribly engrossing, yet poorly written.”I don’t think I’ve ever seen that level of agreement on any post on Freakonomics before. 🙂

Although my actual quote was(context should be obvious):

It’s good that kids are reading but that’s almost like saying “My kids are eating McDonalds, but hey, the burgers have nutritional lettuce and tomato on them…”

*”Although I will say I was somewhat disappointed with the book, an outside observer would laugh at that description, given that I read it in less than a week. My kids would remind me that I told them they would have to make their own dinner because I had to finish the book to find out whether Bella would turn into a vampire or not. I guess the fact that I ordered the other three books in the series from Amazon also gives me away.”

PS:  I should mention that the book is a literary masterpiece when compared to the movie, which so overwhelmingly SUCKS. I realize that they had to cut it down a bit, but the sparse narrative bits by Kristen Stewart sound totally energy-less, the fact that so little happens and so little is explained from when Bella first meets Edward to when she decides that she can’t possibly live without him makes both of them seem quite crazy, and just as predicted, seeing Edward stare at Bella sleeping is just plain creepy.
Disclaimer: I saw a leaked print taken on a hand cam from a theatre, which had quite abysmal sound and picture quality. That has probably had some impact on my assessment of the movie(bad prints are just irritating, and that irritation generally gets transferred to the movie as well), and although I’ve tried to account for it, I may not have been entirely successful.

And of course, its probably still the bestest movie in the world if you’re a barely teenage girl.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Everybody Love-Hates Twilight

  1. Thanks! It’s nice to be a barely teenage girl again. He he he! Actually, I haven’t yet seen the movie, but I’m sure I’ll like it; even if it is cut and watered down. I loved the books. All four of them.

  2. Hey, I quite enjoyed the book as well, although it was fairly obvious that I’m not the target audience; in fact, I’m a barely out of teenage boy, and I’m led to understand that that implies I’d be the demographic most repelled by it 🙂 . The movie IS a different experience. You can watch it if you have a crush on Robert Pattinson, which several million girls apparently do, but I honestly can’t think of any other reason. Just saying.

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