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Meanwhile, I skipped 60% of the questions on a quiz I was supposed to do really well for because I never looked at the back side of the paper, and I cracked the bottom right corner of my laptop screen and it might take an obscene amount to repair. Also missed the events treat in Barbeque Nation. Also, it’s so bloody hot!

On the plus side, I knew something about twilight bothered me much more than the quality of the prose, and here it is.

I find that there’s a lot of stuff I want to write here about my personal life, but I’m constantly reminded that more people (who actually know me and who I might want to write about; strangers, I don’t mind quite so much) do read this than I had expected. I’m toying with the idea of keeping this as a more of an “ideas” blog and making my currently dysfunctional and entirely anonymous livejournal into something a little less anonymous and update it a little more frequently. In which case, I’ll change the name of this one, a relic from the old, mostly personal blog, which sounded pretty retarded even then.  Any suggestions? Posts will still revolve around the same topics, most of which are mentioned in the About page.

There was a whole bunch of current events stuff I wanted to write about, including:

  1. Pakistan’s surrender to the Taliban in Swat and the price of peace. Something I actually want to “think aloud” on.
  2. Moral policing in Mangalore. No two sides to the problem here, just need to get the ranting out of my system.

Just mentioning so that I’d be reminded of getting around to it sometime.


Links: Check out a brilliant(if long) interview with Alan Moore, here;

Libertarian Hotties! 😀

One thought on “Home;Random Musings

  1. Well, I can live with the separation of blogs, just wondering if it doesn’t make things more difficult for you?
    At least if you had a second wordpress blog, you could navigate from one page.

    Just a thought, though.

    I’ve been thinking about the same thing, accidentally. But opening up a third blog… I don’t know… 🙂

    Anyways, I’d expect you to pass me the new URL, of course. 😛

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