Quote of the Week: Apocalyporn

I don’t know if we’re so much inured to apocalypse as almost sexually obsessed by it. We could only love apocalypse more if it had 4 liters of silicone in each tit.

–Grant Morrison, on “Final Crisis”

Ok, ok, not the most general or enlightening statement you’ve heard all week. But surely, one of the most INTERESTING ones, wouldn’t you say?


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Apocalyporn

  1. Although I have a 2000 word assignment to turn in in 3 hours and I haven’t started, I feel like being randomly loquacious on a comments page.

    Remember Zizek says about our obsession with the end of the world in that movie? That 50 years ago we were still debating whether capitalism, communism, fascism etc. was the best way to go about things, and now the only thing we care about is the imminent destruction of life as we know it. According to Zizek, this is indicative of how thoroughly we’ve all bought into the end-of-history-capitalism-is-the-best consensus. That we can imagine the end of the world, but not the end of global capitalism. Interesting, no?

    Now I shall get back to my assignment.

  2. Lol, yeah. I mean, the logic is clearly a bit warped, but still coherent.

    And I hope you managed to finish. 🙂

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