The Weird Gadget Dream

Here it goes:

I’m in my college room, except it’s not actually MY room, it’s more like a generic (but much nicer than in real life) hostel room with a big bed and a chest of drawers and generally more western look…I think there’s a carpet, which is probably what made me think of it as western. I’ve just bought a new netbook, which says “Toy Edition” in big silver letters somewhere on the bright red cover- which of course means I’d never actually buy it, but for whatever reason I dont mind it in the dream.

[Note #1: My laptop has been on the fritz for a while now, and I’ve been thinking of getting it replaced. I’d been thinking for a few days that if i get a decent intern, I can buy a netbook, possibly a proper laptop, even if my father says no].

Another weird image that might not be from THIS dream: my old dysfunctional laptop, except now it looks like appropriately shaped blocks of gleaming black marble, which I have newly WASHED, to sell, of all things).
Meanwhile, my mother has come to visit, and we chat for a while and then she leaves. which of course is also unrealistic.( Because she stays. For a long time. And then takes me somewhere outside. And keeps talking, and talking. Which I don’t really mind, I guess, given that she only comes once a year, at most- I generally go home). A little after she leaves, I realize I never told her that I bought the new netbook. Then, I’m lying on the bed and I move around, and something falls to the floor. I feel it and it’s my cellphone, and it’s back cover is sort of chipped/broken. But I just go back to sleep. Then I wake up (still in the dream ) and on top of the chest of drawers I find the cell phone, which is still chipped, and which I suddenly realize is my FATHER’S.

[Note #2: my father uses 2, I think sometimes 3 cell phones at a time, and uses them a lot, to the extent that he goes through phones quicker than anyone I know. After a while the sweat from his palm corrodes the keys on the phone so much that the numbers are all smudged.]

As it turns out, in the dream I’m mostly happy about the netbook because even though it says “Toy Edition”, it has a nice swiveling, “flattenable” screen and it’s really comfortable to read ebooks with. Like a touch screen, although I dont think this one was a touch-device.

The room is a little dark, so I don’t notice everything at first (also, of course, it’s adream, details are usually not in great supply). But then suddenly I see that on the corner of the top of the chest of drawers is a Kindle. Which in the dream is actually some curved, cooler looking thing, although I do recognize it as a Kindle (which, if you didnt know, is Amazon’s ebook reader. All of you DO know, right? RIGHT?)

Now, I realize that the netbook, which I primarily bought as an ebook reader is now slightly pointless, because my mother (or father, because im guessing if his cellphone’s here, so is he) had bought me a Kindle as a surprise gift. At this point, the alarm by my bed rings, and I wake up. For real. EXCEPT, the alarm rings in my HEAD. The REAL alarm by my REAL bed was set to ring in another 4 minutes.

I can’t be the only one who thought that was weird, right? If anyone (ideally, of course, someone who knows me, if it’s to mean anything) cares to interpret it for me, feel free to do so in the comments. Or elsewhere, if you think it’s totally the right interpretation and you figure it’s something I’d rather everyone else didn’t know .


3 thoughts on “The Weird Gadget Dream

  1. I would say that you ought to get a high paying intern and buy yourself that netbook or laptop 🙂 and fast!

    The Kindle is ok but I don’t like the idea of paying for every book I wanna read on it. I would prefer a sort of subscription like thing with a small rental for each book. Is that how it works now?

    And if you have a smartphone, you can try mobireader. Its this really cool app which lets you convert pdfs, docs and htmls to a format readable by its phone software. And the text clarity on the phone screen is amazing. I have been using it for like almost a year and can’t live without it now. Of course, the bigger the screen the better. The 3.2 inch on my N73 is painless to read on.

  2. 🙂 Well, let’s see. There’s a good chance I end up with something that doesn’t pay at all, too. In which case, will have to somehow convince parents.

    That’s not how it works now, you have to pay for each one. And the Kindle is actually pretty useless in this country because one of it’s coolest features-the free if limited internet access, so that u can try wikipedia or the New York Times or a whole bunch of blogs any time u want, even without Wifi, over the phone network-isn’t available here. Which I guess is one reason the dream is weird, because I remember feeling distinctly “hey, I guess I shouldn’t have bought the netbook” whereas in real life the netbook which costs only marginally more would be a LOT more useful, anyway.

    Mobireader sounds good…I knew about the format, but I thought the software wasn’t free? I guess that isn’t really a problem anyway 🙂 . But I don’t have a smartphone, I have a nokia 5310, which is tiny and sleek and black and great for music and general use but not really for anything else, like extended reading or even photography.

  3. No dude the app and its related software are free. Not “hacked” free but really free 🙂 Sadly it doesn’t come in Java format so tough luck for you.

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