The Working-Around-the-Crack Desktop

Said crack being a non-negligible chunk of the lower right corner of my screen. I had to move the taskbar up so I could see the clock and access my system tray. Others are all minor adjustments.


By the way, Jason Mraz was awesome when I made my first mix CD, and he’s still awesome. Anyone who likes…folkish, pop-ish, jazzish music, I suppose, will totally love him.

Oh, and keyboard has gone mad again.


4 thoughts on “The Working-Around-the-Crack Desktop

  1. @Funda-db9:
    Finally, someone else who’s at least heard of him in the insti!(or so I judge, from your email address 🙂 ). And I’ll take that as a compliment.

    @Koze and kalafudra:
    🙂 Thanks. This particular screenshot is a little too cluttered, but it usually looks pretty cool. And the general darkness fits the rest of my settings better.

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