“Average Female Scientist”

And I had no idea. Well, at least now I know I definitely don’t have Asperger’s.


Click to read the text.

UPDATE: Click here to take it.

For the record, I don’t know quite how this came about, and it’s not really a good indicator of where I stand, because for a lot of the choices I wasn’t really sure what to put, and just ended up winging it(there’s 50 questions, so the temptation is very much present). Also, while I will accept that men, in general, are more geeky than women, in general, I’m a little surprised that “average female scientist”  considered less geeky than “average man”.  That just seems like pushing it.

10 thoughts on ““Average Female Scientist”

  1. 🙂 Hey, you already knew you were geeky, so anything short of an asperger’s diagnosis is good news.

  2. 16 Perfect for me–female biologist/photographer–not quite geeky enough for “scientist” as I tend toward big picture ecology–might be a pretty good test–do like to categorize those photos–explore relationships and patterns. Life is a creative journey of discovery.

  3. Not particularly surprised at my score of 37.I am a constantly told to shut up at home where I enjoy talking about my current projects.I have no friends other than family,extended but close family included.so overall I have learned nothing from this link.Maybe i should check with a mental heatlh professional do i have aspergers/other autism spectrum disorder.

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