Firefly totally, completely, mind-blowingly awesome. All the characters are awesome, the setting is awesome,  the theme song is awesome(and I didn’t even know I liked that kind of music!),the humour is awesome-standard Joss Whedon humour, just like in Buffy, but it feels even more awesome in this show, I don’t know why- and even the overall tenor of the story… the space western concept and Mal’s disregard for rules and the general frontier lifestyle is awesome. Morena Baccarin is also really awesome, even in the one episode of How I Met Your Mother that I’ve previously seen her in.I can’t believe I didn’t see it before now. And I finally see what all those people who were trying not to get Dollhouse canceled even before the show started were thinking. Not that Dollhouse is anywhere near as awesome, of course.

Right, I’ll update this and make it less hysterical and more of a review in a little while. Till then, enjoy:

No, I mean this.  Enjoy this:


3 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and that lead guy whatshisname? i forget…all of them are awesome 🙂 at least in the movie. so, what, you gave up on mugging? 🙂 wish i could but OR looms ahead like the black freighter 😥

  2. Well, not gave up, but it’s certainly a problem. I’ll mug soon, but first, just ONE more episode… 🙂

    And why is OR such a problem for everyone? It’s the last of the lot, isn’t it?

  3. at the risk of sounding obviously cliched, its last but definitely not the least…by faaaaaaaar. its sooo vague dude. its like ma101

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