Thought of the Moment

I guess this is why I should try twitter, because I really have only one thing to say.

Faile is 15? FIFTEEN? WTF!!

By the way, like most of the commenters there, I also think the spanking was the best thing he could have done to resolve the situation, gender politics or no gender politics. At least, when I first read that part, I didn’t think of it as a big deal.

(This post will be completely opaque to anyone who hasn’t read the Wheel of Time. Sorry. There’s really too much to explain that it’s not worth trying, at least here.)


3 thoughts on “Thought of the Moment

  1. ‘too much’ would be an understatement I suppose. And is it mentioned she is 15 in the book? I didnt notice, nor do I have the time to go through that commentary (O.R. tomorrow). Maybe later…15 would be strange, to say the least

  2. I don’t remember, although I know she was pretty young when she ran away from home…like barely teenage young, it’s suggested. I thought that was “more than a few years ago” in book-time, though, never actually checked.

    And I had a total crush on her!!! I mean, yes, she was a bit childish, even annoying-further proof? I thought that was just a character trait 🙂 -but I thought she was pretty awesome, all considered.

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