Watching “Pride and Prejudice”

The one with Keira Knightley in it. I had only seen the Colin Farrell version before. I don’t think any fictional character reinforces the snobbishness in my character as strongly as Mrs. Bennet does.

Also, isn’t it interesting that Keira is referred to as “plain”, and that she actually manages to look rather plain in some settings, but transforms entirely in others?

A more or less obligatory update: The exams have not been particularly good, but that comes as no surprise, and at least I don’t think I need to worry about doing AS badly as I did last semester, although that’s hardly a standard of comparison. But I think my problem is that I AM using it as a standard of comparison, consciously and unconsciously, and I’m strangely complacent with my utterly lacklustre performance.

I will be interning in Bangalore from may 21st till presumably the end of the holidays at Tandberg, and I’m quite pleased with THAT, at the very least. The job is interesting, Bangalore is pretty high up in my preferred list of places to be in-well, it’s basically only Bangalore and Bombay, at the moment- and the pay is more than competitive. I mean, obviously, it’s an internship so it’s not going to be anything extraordinary, but I doubt I’d ever spend the whole thing in those 2 months, even if I manage to have some fun while I’m there.

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