Goddamn it, I am now officially OLD!

(Written soon after coming home on May 3rd, but I forgot to publish this till now.)
I now think of girls 5 years younger than me as “hot” 😦 . Well, not in general, obviously, but one is enough, because even just a month ago, the idea would have been…icky.

On the recommendation of a friend who is just about the last person I had expected to take a recommendation in the field of tv shows from, I hastily downloaded the few episodes of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” that I found on the LAN before I came home. And it’s really quite good. House is an almost exact medical analogue of Sherlock Holmes- a diagnostician acts as a “medical detective” of sorts- and there are obvious enough clues towards that from a mere description of the characters-the brilliance, the irritability, the drug addiction- but “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” makes the comparison so blindingly obvious that I almost feel a bit duped for loving House so much. But hey…Hugh Laurie!


One thought on “Goddamn it, I am now officially OLD!

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