I can’t believe that I live in a country where the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body in the land, says THIS.

How f**king primitive do you have to be to say that a woman cannot be a rape victim just because she is promiscuous?

The next box on the same page about women who are married in UP having to go through “virginity tests”. And the story on the facing page of the newspaper was about how the Christian front in Mizoram wants to question the HC order legalizing homosexuality. Really. It just proves that for all our technical expertise and thousand-years tradition of “synthesis” and “tolerance”, vast parts of the country still continue to be ignorant bigots.


2 thoughts on “WTF!

  1. Ths SUPREME COURT said it, is my point. I would expect it from random people on the street, but they’re not the standard. Seriously, that’s totally screwed up.

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