Emma Watson is HOT

emma desktop july 27

I’m rather tired of all my dark themes, so I’m reverting to the nice and simple default windows layout. This is still rather minimalistic, though, with no icons on the desktop. Yay, I found an actual use for RocketDock! 🙂

And isn’t she? ISN’T SHE?

I loved HP6, even though even some of my friends who were fans of the other movies didn’t seem all that sure. But chances are I’d have loved it anyway: I already knew and liked the story, and I thought almost all the actors were quite good, too. Yes, they focused rather too much on their little relationship issues and they had quite a lot of “tangential” scenes -especially considering that this is a rather dark movie- but I think even JK Rowling was going for that in the book, as well… “life is unfair and it’s complicated and there are a lot of tragic things happening, but your little problems matter, too”. OK, that doesn’t sound quite right. My point is, I can’t really say I minded it. I didn’t quite understand some of the other complaints… it was fairly reasonable direction, and visually, the movie was quite appealing. And I’m not just saying that because of Ms Watson 🙂 .


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