In Which I Rant

A vast amount of blog posts and articles and even one best selling novel has been written on “Life in IIT”. Just about every student here has attempted at least one, and nearly all of them are half-baked and incomplete descriptions that spew forth during their periodic existential crises. But for the last few days*, my personal experience of “IIT life” can be fully described by a few choice phrases:

  1. chronic sleep-deprivation
  2. a leaky nose
  3. an aching head
  4. blaring temple music
  5. uninspired writing (@Lays: hopefully, I will resolve this before I actually start working 🙂 )
  6. swine flu scare
  7. total clueless-ness
  8. self-sabotage
  9. tangential (and mostly counterproductive to my real needs) motivation
  10. the joy of rediscovery (True Blood. Is awesome. Watch. Anna Paquin gets naked! And when I say that’s not the reason I really watch it, you KNOW it has to be something special.)

The music seems to have stopped temporarily, but I know better than to think that that is anything but a brief, tantalizing window into a world of silence, a world where one can be free to open one’s window and feel the breeze without being blasted by the same 6 songs on an hourly loop all day, every day. Yesterday, the power went off at a little after 3 AM.  This being Chennai, as soon as the fan stopped spinning, I woke up. After attempting to go back to sleep for another 20 minutes, and after discovering that the mosquitoes were rather more attracted to my newly sweat-slicked body, I decided to open all the windows. With predictable results. I tried holding a pillow over my head to drown it out, but I’m not sure that I wasn’t just trying to suffocate myself.

*and with respect to item 4, which is correlated with item 1,for the next week or so as well, I am told.


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